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Jeanne Gibson has been a student of Tai Chi Chuan for over thirty years.  She is an affiliate with
Tai Chi Chuan of Evergreen.

Tai Chi Chuan Fall 2017
Practice Session Schedule

Classes will be held at Anytime Fitness in the Conifer Marketplace
10875 US HWY 285, Suite D101 in Conifer (between Subway and Staples)

Beginning Student Classes
Monday Mornings, Sept.11 - Dec. 11 
10:30 am – 11:30 am
Jeanne Gibson, Instructor

Ongoing Student Classs
Mondays, Sept.11 - Dec. 11 
11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Jeanne Gibson, Instructor

Come and join the flow…try it out -
You don’t need to be a member to join the class.
Call Anytime Fitness (303)838-1130 to register
for further information call Jeanne at (303)838-8443 or
Visit our website at

About Tai Chi Chuan:
Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese discipline based on natural animal movements. Although it is a martial art, it is practiced slowly and deliberately with internal focus; utilizing “chi” or internal energy as the source of power, not muscle. These exercises help to develop balance, rootedness, and strengthen the body/mind connection. They are also meditative, relaxing, and centering. There are many styles of Tai Chi, this class will be based on Professor Chen Man-Ching’s Yang Style, Short Form.

Beginning students learn the first third of the Short Form, Qi gong practice, philosophy and principles of Tai Chi Chuan.
Intermediate students receive continuing instruction and practice of full Short Form, Qi gong exercises, philosophy and principles of Tai Chi Chuan.

Evergreen Tai Chi Chuan:
Tai Chi Chuan of Evergreen is based on the ancient Chinese philosophy of the human’s ability to “stay green”, flexible, supple and fluid.  As the evergreen tree does not lose its leaves in the fall, can bend and not break.  This name was given to Mary Pulick by her teacher.  Instructors are Mary Pulick, L.Ac., Jeanne  Gibson, CMT and Jan Schatvet.  Classes are taught at the Evergreen Recreation Centers and in Conifer.

My Personal Tai Chi Story

In the spring of 1984 I was working in downtown Denver.  For many reasons, I felt that much of my life was in chaos and out of balance.  I walked through the annual Chinese Cherry Blossom Festival on the 16th Street Mall and saw a woman doing a demonstration of a Tai Chi form.  I was struck by the absolute calm, centeredness, and peace on the woman’s face.  I wanted to find that peace!  I wanted that look on MY face!

I began my study of Tai Chi Chuan, Yang Style Short Form in the fall of 1985 with Mary Pulick at the Evergreen Rec. Center.  Even though I didn’t make the time to practice the form at home much, I found that the class brought me back to center each week and kept coming back for more. 

I continued taking the form with Mary each fall and spring session.  After 5 years of repeated classes, Mary asked if I could help lead the classes by being visible to new students on one side or the other, sometimes watching the class from the back to suggest possible corrections or clarifications for the students, and leading from the front of the class.  After another 5 years of co-teaching with Mary, she gave me permission to instruct this form on my own. 

In 1995 I began teaching in our Chiropractic & Massage Center in Conifer.  Since that time, I have lead classes in several Conifer locations;  Yoga for Wellness, Aspen Park Community Center, The Offices at Timber Run, and Anytime Fitness.  I also taught for many years at the Wulf Recreation Center in Evergreen.  My teacher Mary Pulick, instructor Jan Schatvet and I form Tai Chi Chuan of Evergreen, which is based on the ancient Chinese philosophy of the human’s ability to “stay green”, flexible, supple and fluid.  As the evergreen tree does not lose its leaves in the fall, can bend and not break. 

There have been times that I thought maybe I’d take a break from tai chi but each time I realize the incredible benefits the form brings.  One of the biggest benefits for me is de-stressing or calming.  The form illustrates how to retain your center no matter what outside forces assail you.  This works mentally as well as physically!  Something I have yet to perfect but have had great results!

It also balances fatigue, energy, yin & yang.  My personal health issues have been dramatically helped with tai chi.  Whether it is difficulty falling to sleep, headaches, flu symptoms or even the “probable MS” diagnosis I was given, tai chi balances the system. 

Speaking of balance, I didn’t think that I had a problem with my physical balance.  However, after taking the form for just 1 semester, I realized that my back country skiing greatly improved.  The “moveable root” I had learned about made even the steepest descents manageable!  When I hike with friends, they often comment that they see my tai chi “kick in” when in treacherous or slippery conditions.

Chinese Medicine has 8 branches of healing.  The first three are considered to be the most important and are what we can do for ourselves:
1. Meditation (whatever that means for you i.e. emptying the mind, breathing, mind following breath, releasing thought, prayer, holding an uplifting idea or concept in mind, etc.)
2. Moving meditation like tai chi chuan, qi gong, yoga, mindful walking, etc.
3. Nourishment – yes what you eat and drink but also what feeds your spirit like a walk in the woods, candlelit bubble bath, laughing with friends, a good book, gazing into the fire, etc.  In Chinese medicine, we are either nourishing or depleting.  It is important to keep the scales on the nourishment side to balance out all the depletion we do in our lives. 

Applying these three healing arts and philosophy has created very real and positive results in my life and personal health.  Why would I want to stop?!

Teaching tai chi chuan has added more dimension and depth to my own experience.  Needing to describe the movements clearly has broadened my understanding of the postures and discipline of the form.  I have had amazing experiences of “chi” and flow over the years.  I can bring myself to a calm state with the tools I have learned through and with tai chi.  I even have had people remark that my face is calm, centered, relaxed, yet focused when I practice my form…

Relax Breathe

(303)674-9500                  est. 1982                  (303)838-8443

Experience Tai Chi for Health and Balance. 
This meditation through movement has been taught
in China for thousands of years.

Our instructors have combined experience of more than
75 years.
We invite you to be part of the flow.

Classes available through Evergreen Park and Rec.
Centers and in Conifer


Aspen Park Chiropractic & Massage Center | 10903 Hwy. 285 | Suite E203 | Conifer, Colorado 80433 | 303.838.8443
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